Jesse’s House

As we prepare for another Holiday Season at Jesse’s House, we reflect on the girls that we have served throughout the year. The 12 year- old whose grandfather passed away and now has no one to care for her. The 17 year-old who was running away from home to escape her mother’s drug abuse. The sisters whose father was sneaking into their room at night to molest them. The 13 year-old who was thrown out of the house after an argument with her mom.

Each young lady who comes to us for a safe haven has a story all her own. It’s our mission to help her begin the healing process from the traumas she has endured. Many things can make emotional wounds feel fresh to our girls: a court hearing that did not go the way she expected, her parent not showing up for a visit, an upsetting phone call, and, of course, the holidays away from her family.

We strive to ease those pains and take extra care in making sure that our girls feel comfortable, loved, and safe throughout the holiday season. However, we cannot do it without your help. From filling a resident’s Christmas wish list to providing the funding for an activity, you can help us make a difference to each one of our girls. Please take the time to grant us a gift by clicking the donate button below or looking through our Holiday Wish Lists & Involvement Opportunities.

For more information on ways you can give to our mission, please contact Amber Black or Shannon Kern at 678-947-6217. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!


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