AYMT has begun its seventh year of children’s hospital services. We have been working with various individuals from Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital Community Relations Coordinator Volunteer Services. At the seminars AYMT brings along its junior dragster and pro go-Kart, simulators, helmets, gloves, collars, etc. For the kids to touch and feel and sit in any of the race cars. We answer questions from the kids, play a motorsports video and distribute goody bags with a hat or t-shirt and motorsports stickers. AYMT has extended this exercise to the Hughes Spalding and Egleston/Emory Children’s Hospital located in downtown Atlanta. Additionally AYMT has added six (6) more hospital venues in the southeast.

Furthermore, AYMT is involved in the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club presently based ion Lawrenceville. These seminars take a different approach by discussing career opportunities, education, anti – drug /alcohol /tobacco /safety. AYMT also introduces its sponsored. AYMT also introduces it sponsored HONDA ELITE 80 motor scooter, which in additional vehicle that the kids can become acquainted with in the event they acquire on in the future. A HONDA safety and procedures video is shown for their knowledge and safety. These seminars usually last two hours and goody bags are given out to the kids. AYMT introduced this program in early 2003 and participated in the NATIONAL KIDS DAY in Metro Atlanta for 2002. AYMT has conducted seminars for the Boys & Girls Scouts and local neighborhood community associates.

On August 3rd, the Boys & Girls Clubs across America will celebrate NATIONAL KIDS DAY. This year the Metro Atlanta Clubs will hold the venue at Discover Mills Mall, which is anchored by Pro Bass and ESPN Skate Park . This high profile center will attract many families and friends associated with the Boys & Girls Clubs. AYMT will represent motorsports and will have about six other motorsports entities displaying with AYMT. AYMT has decided to celebrate its own Kid’s Day at the same venue.

AYMT’s pro super comp dragster races in Florida , Georgia , Tennessee , North Carolina in the National Hot Rod Association series. At the National events AYMT has displayed it’s race cars on the midway in the FRAM – AUTOLITE – PRESTONE midway display. Approximately 50, 000 to 60, 000 race fans view this midway event during the Three-day event.

AYMT has been displaying with Allied Signals for the past races seasons. This venue has been successful for AYMT to show off its supporting sponsors. The present schedule is three National events and five divisional races.
Honda of North America is the official scooter for AYMT, VP is the official fuel, Goodyear is the official tire, K&N is the official filter and Brad Penn Green Racing Oil is the official oil.

American Youth Motorsports Team, Inc., (AYMT), has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 c (3) Tax Exempt Organization. We receive funding through donations by private citizens and sponsorships through small and large companies.

AYMT was established in 1997 and is modeled after a similar program in Apache Junction, Arizona called “Race Against Drugs and Gangs”. The founder, Joseph Bilancio has a background in teaching, counseling youth development programs and has over thirty years experience in the motor sports industry. The wealth of experience and opportunities it has presented to him and many of his friends was clear and convincing evidence that positive alternative activities can enhance the life of young girls and boys.

AYMT is committed to the boys and girls who participate in this program and has received support from various organizations throughout our area. Martin County Sheriffs Office, Fire Rescue, Parks and Recreation, as well as, Hobe Sound Raceway and Moroso Motor Sports Park. These organizations have committed time, personnel and equipment to help this organization grow and assist the young children of our area.